ESK300BP wireless scoreboard

ESK300BP wiresless scoreboard with glued team name labels GOSPODARZE-GOŚCIE
ESK301BP wireless scoreboard with team name display
CA72 remote control and 24 seconds timer for basketball

ESK300BP wireless scoreboard with  HOME - AWAY label

ESK301BP wireless scoreboard with team name display

CA72 scoreboard control with a professional 24sec control for basketball

ESK301BP specifications:

  • Size 210*157*6cm, digits 22cm and 15 cm, visibility 80m.
  • Professional device for basketball, 3x3 basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, floorball, tennis and other sports
  • Aluminum housing painted with black powder varnish with anti-reflective face plate resistant to ball impact
  • Automatic and fully professional game support with the ability to change the game time length and break length even between game periods
  • High quality high brightness LEDs that shine beautifully
  • Displaying match results using up to 3 digits (22cm digits)
  • Game time clock with an accuracy of 0.1 seconds (22cm digits)
  • Fauls of basketball teams or won sets in volleyball (15cm digits)
  • A digit displaying the period number (digits 15cm)
  • 3-3 dots indicating the number of time outs called
  • Arrow indicating which team serves in volleyball (automatic)
  • Independent TIME OUT clock (digits 15cm)
  • Measuring time between game periods in the place of game time display during brakes
  • Graphics for displaying team names and advertisements on a surface of 191* 14 cm (capacity 24 letters). Library for 126 team names. Once entered the team names will be remembered for 100 years or until the next change
  • Manual and automatic siren
  • After the competition you can set the scoreboard to display time or the time alternating with the temperature


24 seconds timer for basketball


Shot clocks for basketball

  • Two independent 24 seconds timers can be connected for basketball, both basic without peridod time (ESK110, ESK210) and professional with period time (ESK310, ESK410)
  • Professional control of the 24 seconds timers with an independent controller
  • In the absence of independent 24 seconds timer you can enable timing of 24 seconds at the TIME OUT area of the main board


24 seconds timer (shot-clock) models

  • ESK110 24 seconds timer (15cm digits)
  • ESK210 24 seconds timer (22cm digits)
  • ESK310 24 seconds timer (22cm digits) with period time (12cm digits)


Parameters of displayed digits

  • LEDs with high brightness of 500mcd and a viewing angle of 130 degrees
  • 30cm digits: 217 LEDs per digit
  • 22cm digits: 112 LEDs per digit
  • 15cm digits: 56 LEDs per digit
  • 12cm digits: 42 LEDs per digit


Technical data

  • Mainboard power supply: 230V
  • Battery life of the wireless remote control (3 * AA): 48 months
  • Wireless remote control range: 250m
  • The 24 seconds timers are connected to the main board with OMY 3 * 0.5mm cable (17V safe voltage)