ESK 33BP 3x3 basketball scoreboard

ESK33BP 3x3 basketball scoreboard
ESK remote controller



  • The scoreboard is designed for 3x3 basketball but also supports other sports such as volleyball, handball, futsal, floorball
  • WIreless remote controller with a range of 200 meters
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Size: 85*50*5cm
  • Can be mounted on a stand for extra portability
  • Aluminium housing painted with black powder varnish
  • Anti-reflective face plate
  • Resistant to ball impact
  • Automatic and professional game support
  • Ability to change the game time length and break length even between game periods (in case of other sports than 3x3 basketball)
  • Measuring time between game periods in the place of game time display during brakes (in case of other sports than 3x3 basketball)
  • After the competition you can set the scoreboard to display time
  • Battery life (3* type AA) of the wireless remote controller is 48 months
  • Game standings (0-99) with 12cm digits
  • Game time clock with 12cm digits
  • Shot clock for basketball with two 22cm digits
  • The shot clock can be configured to count back from any number of seconds
  • Automatic horn for signalling the end of game period or the end of shot clock time
  • Manual horn for signalling (for example at player substitution)
  • Ability to display time (with optional temperature measurement) after matches
  • Power supply: 230V
  • Average power consumption: 20VA