Informations and advertisements

ESK490 Graphic display with four lines (up to 12 lines available)

Size of a single line: 295*20cm. 4800 LEDs in a single line.


ESK-R1 – Display to present time, date and event information

Black painted aluminum case and impact resistant, antiglare front cover. Superbright (3 000 mcd) LEDs. Amber. Angle of view: 120 degrees. Dimensions: 526*107*6cm (sponsor`s section – depth of 12 cm). Date and time - digits of 22 cm. Three lines of graphics for teams’ names or advertisement display. Size of one line: 295*30cm. Up to 24 characters with 7 fonts. A permanent MOSiR WELCOME inscription made with adhesive foil (text can be changed). Dimensions of section for sponsor`s logo: 107*107 cm.